Monday, March 06, 2006

And the Oscar goes to...

Here's a list of all the winners. I did manage to catch most of the Oscars on TV. Here are some observations:
-White women look terrible in beige. Why, ladies, why?
-J. Lo looked beautiful in green. Not too crazy about the dress, but I loved the color.
-Lauren Bacall has either lost her memory or eyesight, because she couldn't follow the teleprompter. Or maybe she was drunk. Either way, I felt bad for her.
-Lily Tomlin and Meryl Streep, on the other hand, rocked.
-Waaaaay too many montages and technical awards. BOR-ing.
-Jon Stewart did a good job hosting, but he must have spent the entire ceremony biting his tongue.
- I think Philip Seymour Hoffman looks like a weird, slightly younger blend of Michael Moore and John Madden.
-I can't believe Crash won Best Picture.
-I'm glad It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp won best song, and I'm glad Queen Latifah was the one who got to announce it.
-However, Dolly Parton gave the best live performance, by far.
-Michelle Williams is a terrible dresser, but she landed Heath Ledger, so good for her.
-Best accessories: the stuffed penguins belonging to the March of the Penguins guys


Anonymous said...

Michelle Williams looked wonderful, have you lost your mind?

eileen said...

I think she's beautiful, but the orange dress with bright red lipstick wasn't doing her any favors, nor was the atrocious purple taffeta thing she wore to the Golden Globes. She always looks like she's slouching in photos, too (not that I'm one to talk). That being said, I do appreciate the fact that her dress wasn't flesh-colored or adorned with an enormous bow.

Megr said...

I completely agree. The dress was hideous yet everyone on these TV shows adored it. They said it was young and hip. It was young all right, like Big Bird playing dress up. J.Lo. looked like she couldn't breathe. Her hair was lacking a bit of J.Lo.-ness. Severe, as my mother would say. Yes I know... I am harsh. But darn it these people have stylists. They should know better!