Wednesday, March 22, 2006


GAAAAAAH! I have a terrible tooth/gum ache. For the past few days, my upper teeth have been sore. It was more of a dull ache with pressure that felt kind of like how my teeth felt after my braces were tightened, circa 1989. Yesterday, however, the dull ache turned into a sharp pain in the teeth and gums of the upper right side of my mouth. This morning, it felt fine when I woke up, but as soon as I bit into an English muffin, I felt a sharp pain that hasn't gone away. God damn those British and their breakfasts. Now, I am obsessively poking at my gums and pressing on my teeth to find out where the pain is stemming from, and that isn't helping the situation. I have a dental student that takes care of me (we grad students don't get dental insurance but they do assign us to dental students) and I called her this morning and scheduled an appointment for tomorrow. As an aside, my student dentist is movie-star beautiful. I honestly wonder if they only assign female patients to her because they worry about men falling head over heels for her and causing problems. Even I have a crush on her.
Hopefully, my head won't explode before my appointment. I have no idea what this is- I'm thinking maybe it's something weird like a sinus or a gum infection that has inflamed some nerves.


mj said...

What time is your appointment tomorrow? Tooth Hurty?

eileen said...

waka waka.