Thursday, March 02, 2006

Eileen needs...

Here's a silly little time-waster. Run a Google search on "(Your first name) needs" and see what pops up. Here are a few of mine:

Eileen needs a new guitar for her daughter.
Eileen needs to incorporate five portions of fruit into her diet.
Eileen needs someone to run to when they call out, "Eileen!"
Eileen needs to come to terms with her missing husband.
Eileen needs a pseudo husband for her high-school reunion.
Eileen needs a hot coffee.
Eileen needs to know about this swamp ass.
Eileen needs a thousand dollars because she and her husband are trying to flee to Mexico.

What Eileen really needs is to stop goofing around on the internet and start working on her thesis. Although I am curious about that swamp ass.


Jessica said...

This is fun...
Jessica needs an adoptive family that is very structured
Jessica needs to keep her mouth shut
Jessica needs a vacation
Jessica needs fake titties and then she would be perfect (in reference to Jessica Rabit, a porn star.....if it were in reference to me, it would be Jessica needs a breast reduction)
Jessica needs coffee
Jessica needs to come to reality and face her issues

Jess said...

Of course, I also typed Jess needs...equally entertaining:
Jess needs to do a sexy shoot for FHM now
Jess needs to get more aggressive
Jess needs a bath
Jess needs to get a cute that john?
Jess needs an extra zipper
and my favorite...
Jess needs to rule the blogoshpere with an iron keyboard. Watch out all you bloggers! ( i guess before becoming ruler of the blogosphere, i need to start a blog)

Jess said...

Jess needs to use better grammar/spelling (HEAR, not here)

pbj said...

This is hilarious! Any reason to procrastinate is a good reason!!

Paige needs to live her luxurious lifestyle
Paige needs to find a dead man to save her daughter's life.
Paige needs to find the killer of a member of Staff at Magic School
Paige Needs Touchdown For No Child Left Behind Act
Paige needs her hair done so she doesn't get a mullet
Paige needs to go immediately
paige needs right now too. damn
Paige NEEDS breath freshener for christmas! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! did i scare you? dont diss me! ennit! looooooooooo toooooooiiiiiilet laaavvvy! ...
Paige needs an indoor home with a secure fenced area for exercise - she will entertain herself.
Paige needs to be run through a woodchipper
Paige needs to be reminded from time to time that she is the host, and not a decorator
Paige needs her "own Institute too"-- as in to be "institutionalized" within for some serious treatment regarding paranoid delusions. ...
Paige needs some plottage for this board
Paige- needs to score

Anonymous said...

Eileen needs a cup of tea that is still hot when she gets round to drinking it!!!

e said...

ok I just got completely spooked!!!

I read someone's blog today and they had my Life According to Google. I just went back to it now and thought it would be fun to do. The first question was to do a search using first name and the word "needs". So I typed in Eileen needs and guess where I landed?
Right here.