Tuesday, March 28, 2006

List #23...Words I've mispronounced in public when I was old enough to have it be embarrassing

1. indicted
2. subtle
3. Ralph Fiennes
4. gyro (I never order these because I am afraid of mispronouncing it)
5. jicama (I never cook with these because I have no idea how to say it)

and although I do know the correct pronunciation of the word "crochet," and have never erred aloud with that one, whenever I see it written, my mind automatically reads it as "crotch" and that makes me laugh. Crocheted scarf = crotch scarf, and so forth.


brigita said...

Epoch. For the first 22 years of my life I SWORE it was pronounced EE-pock.

kris said...

DUDE, IT'S NOT EE-POCK? You just blew my mind.

Y'know, Reen, they actually say "crochet" different in Australia. The lady we have who teaches it pronounces it "cro-shuh." And for "crocheting," she says "cro-shur-ing." I'm serious. It drives me nuts. But I can't say "cro-shay" or the Australians will all think I'm putting on airs.

kris said...

I forgot to mention that in both examples I mentioned, the emphasis is on the "cro" part. So it's CRO-shuh, and CRO-shuring. Which makes it even weirder.

eileen said...

i think you should just convince them that the American pronunciation is crotch-it.

Anonymous said...

gyro can be pronounced in two ways

Go to m-w.com and click on the second definition of gyro and you can listen to the pronunciations.

Megr said...

And here I thought gyro was actually pronounced "hero" but was spelled the Greek way. I too, have never ordered it. I can't say "Real World" fast; I pronounce it like I am Barbara Walters, "Weal World". I can say real by itself just not with world. (Of course I don't say my r's so it's probably more like "Weal Wohld") And I had to google a jicama.

brigita said...

Actually, Kris, now that I look it up, it appears as though I was right all along! Why did I think I lost that bet...?

eileen said...

That M-W website sure comes in handy!

sister said...

i am sure you have heard the stories about me...socrates and rendevzous...if not just ask roommate!!