Monday, March 27, 2006

Shopping, hangovers, and infidelity: My weekend

Friday- My friends Yuki and Jonathan arrived around 7AM, so I had breakfast with them then went to work for a few hours while they napped. We walked around the Copley area and all ended up spending too much money at Banana Republic. I was able to replace a black 3/4 sleeved silk shirt that was one of my go-to items until it got so worn and pilly that I finally had to force myself to throw it away. I've been looking for a replacement ever since, and I spotted one at Banana, on sale for $20, and all was right with the world. We met up with some friends for tapas and sangria at Tasca, one of my favorite places for group dinners. After that, we went out to a couple of bars in the Kenmore square area, where we watched the NCAA games and had a heated debate over which region of human skin is dirtier, the hands or the buttcheek. I say hands.

Saturday- Woke up, got ready, and headed down the Cape for Dennis' wedding. I had a couple wardrobe malfunctions: I ripped my nylons approximately 70 seconds after putting them on, so I had to ditch those, and my strapless bra kept sliding down my torso, giving me the dreaded quadraboob effect, so I secured it using double-sided tape that Kim just so happened to have with her for use in a graphic design homework project. We ran into Dennis leaving for the church and everyone gathered around him to wish him well, except I decided to yell, "Hey Dennis, don't screw up!" Later he would blame me for jinxing him. The ceremony was really nice, the bride Jill cried and barely got through her vows, which of course made my eyes water because I always start to cry when I see someone else crying. We also spotted a man with a fantastic mullet in the audience. At one point during the ceremony, the bride and groom took turns repeating vows after the priest said them, and here's where Dennis had a little trouble:
Priest: I promise you
Dennis: I promise you
Priest: My everlasting
Dennis: My everlasting
Priest: Love and fidelity
Dennis: Love and infidelity
*church erupts in laughter*

The reception was a blast, and it was great to catch up with my friends from high school, some of whom I rarely get to see. Unfortunately, I drank one zillion gin and tonics and snuck out of the afterparty to pass out in my bed.

Sunday- I woke up at 6AM still in my dress with double-sided tape stuck all over me. Not fun. Met up with the gang for breakfast, then our carload hit the Wrentham outlets on the drive back. I recovered enough from a terrible hangover to buy a bathing suit and a track jacket from Puma that I had been coveting for months. We stopped at Papa Gino's and ate pizza, which miraculously cured my hangover. I dropped Yuki and Jon at the airport and the weekend was over, all too soon.

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Kim said...

You know Dennis is not so silently cursing you in Aruba right now.