Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Will wonders never cease

President George Bush and I agree on something: Immigration reform. It's been a hot topic in the news lately, with students in California demonstrating in support of illegal aliens, and the Senate supporting a bill by Senators McCain and Kennedy that outlines a plan to increase border security while allowing illegal aliens working here in the United States apply for citizenship. The President is backing this version of the legislation over stricter reform that lacks a guest-worker program. So maybe he just wants to have a cheap labor supply available for his rich corporate friends, but whatever. I've known many illegal immigrants (and if you've ever worked in the restaurant business, you have, too) and it really pisses me off when people bash immigrants. First of all, this country was founded by immigrants and unless you're a Native American, you're a big f%$cking hypocrite if you complain about them. Diversity of cultures and the work ethic of people who coming here for the opportunities of economic advancement are part of what makes this country great. Secondly, across the board, the illegals I've known work their asses off. We're talking two or three concurrent full time jobs. They aren't idly sitting around reaping benefits, because guess what? They're illegal and they don't get benefits.

Have you heard of the Minutemen? I hadn't, until last time I visited my sister in San Diego. We walked by a memorial to people who have died crossing the border, and I asked her "Oh, what did they all die from, dehydration?" and she said "A lot of them get shot." She explained that there's a vigilante group who call themselves the Minutemen who patrol private property along the Mexican border and shoot at illegal aliens. Here's their Very Scary Website. It's blatantly obvious that prejudice and racism is what motivates these Minutemen, despite their claims to the contrary.

Well, I'll stop my ranting before I get carried away.

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