Thursday, March 23, 2006

What's Goin On

Watched Jarhead last night. Basically, it's Full Metal Jacket Lite. The trouble with war movies is that there are so many famous and excellent ones that viewers can't help but compare, especially with been there, done that scenes like "main character goes to boot camp and finds it extremely unpleasant." So, Jarhead isn't a bad movie, but it isn't a great one either. Jake Gyllenhaal looks the part, but his character isn't very enthralling. There's a whole plot line of him worrying about his girlfriend back home, and it just isn't interesting or believable: he's twenty years old, intelligent, somewhat cynical and obviously should realize that things with the girl back home aren't going to work out. It seems like an error on the part of the writers to have him pining away for her when that doesn't match the rest of the character's persona. I liked him better as a gay cowboy.

Chef gets killed, in spectacular fashion, on South Park. You knew this was coming.

My favorite online radio station, WOXY, now requires listeners to pay $9.95 per month to tune in. WOXY, you are dead to me. I guess I'll start listening to KEXP like all of the other online hipsters.

My toothache is gone! Turns out I had a big ole cavity. Supermodel/dental student fixed it yesterday afternoon. Actually, one of her professors fixed it, and he did a superb job. I think he was showing off in front of her, because normally the dental professors don't do the actual work.

I'm having trouble uploading photos on Blogger. Any Blogger users know what's going on? I want to post a few pictures from the St. Patty's Day party.


brigita said...

Jarhead: Best part (tie): the dream where he's vomiting sand into the sink and the gratutious santa-hat-on-package dance.

Worst part: when they found out the war was "over" and fired their guns into the air. Umm, hello? Anyone ever heard of terminal velocity?

Glad to hear the dental pain has been cleared up and that you've accepted assimilation into the KEXP borg as inevitable. Resistance may be futile but John in the Morning is the best radio crush evs!

eileen said...

The firing of guns into the air scene was indeed ridonkulous. My favorite part was the scene where the reporter is interviewing several of the Marines on camera (another Full Metal Jacket rip off) and one of them is from Framingham, MA. Yeah, Framingham!