Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Foosball and fear of technology

Last night, soccer players, scientists, and photograhpers gathered to big goodbye to our friend Jorg, who is moving to South Carolina. We went to dinner at the Sunset Grill and Tap (Yummers! Plus, an excellent beer selection. Double yummers!) and then headed next door to Big City for more beers. I tested and proved correct the following mathematical equations: Belgian beers x 10% alcohol = drunk people. Drunk people + foosball = entertainment, with an occasional broken lighting fixture.

On the technology front, on the Blogger Dashboard, there's a new version of Blogger available for download. Have any of you Blogger (TM) bloggers tried it? I'm always hesitant to update software. I mean, what if I like the old version better, and then I get stuck with a crappy new verison?


LisaKate said...

Yo I havent switched over yet - I havent been invited to from my dashboard but I am looking forward to it. Basically the backend has made some major changes to allow for dynamic updating. Check out the new features here :
New features
Keep in mind it is still in BETA!

Anonymous said...

Hey ladies. I switched over to Blogger Beta a little while ago, and I have to say I do prefer it. Photos are much easier and quicker to upload and posts are published instantly - no more watching that percentage ticker click along. I say give it a go - you only live once! :)

eileen said...

I'm convinced. I'll make the change this weekend when I have a little for time to mess around with it. Thanks for the feedback, ladies!