Monday, November 20, 2006

Tis the season....for dangerous toys!

Come late November, some people look forward to candy canes and Christmas carols. I, on the other hand, eagerly await the annual announcement of the holiday's Most Dangerous Toys. Yes, I am morbid, but the apocalyptic nature of these news reports makes me laugh and laugh. Oh yes, it's America's culture of fear at it's most ludicrous....the gays, they want to marry! Run for your lives..... illegal immigrants are flooding the country! Watch out for killer bees! And killer viruses! Wait, this just in......Lil Snoopy has a POTENTIAL FOR STRANGULATION AND ENTANGLEMENT INJURIES! The Pyramid Stacker... a toy for babies with a POTENTIAL FOR BLUNT IMPACT AND PUNCTURE INJURIES!

Okay, perhaps some of these toys may pose actual risks- remember lawn darts? -but they will never fail to make me laugh. I also enjoy how even the most innocuous-seeming object, like a decorative blossom for cribs and strollers, can turn into a sinister potential killer. Without further ado, here are the 10 Worst Toys of 2006. Because it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye, courtesy of Z Launcher: Turbo Water Balloon Launcher.


Rob said...

I am with them when they mention Heelys.

I want to clothesline the kids screaming up and down the grocery store aisles in those things. This is, of course, prior to going home and shaking my fist at the teenagers across the street.

Tina said...

Speaking of horrible stains on society, I read that the infamous pink flamingo lawn decor is no more.
I wept when I read the article.