Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Table Manners

Alternative title: Everything I learned about Etiquette I learned From Watching Pretty Woman

Last night, I went to a dinner party that consisted of four Colombians, one Frenchman, and me. We started talking about dining etiquette and breaches thereof. I recalled that my major faux pas came at Kevin and Karen's wedding in England- I was seated towards the middle of a long, rectangular table that held about 30 people on each side. At each place setting, there was a roll on a bread plate. I took the one to my right and munched away. Turns out you are supposed to take the one on my left, so when everyone else started eating their bread, the girl sitting next to me ended up sans roll. Then, she snidely informed me that the only reason she didn't have bread was that I took the wrong one. "Don't you know you're supposed to take the one on your left? Sigh...." Bitch. Even I know that it's ruder to point out someone else's mistake that to make one in the first place. Anyways, enough boring stories about bread rolls, we discovered that Colombia's rules of fine dining are similar to the United States, France's differ significantly, and people from all nations learned the "work from the outside in" trick of knowing which utensil to use from Pretty Woman. Too bad that scene didn't feature a bread plate.

Speaking of dining, have a Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I used the same image last year, but nothing says Pilgrims and pumpkin pie like a hand turkey.

And one last Thanksgiving treat: Adam Sandler's Thanksgiving Song.


Alejandro M.C. said...

¡Buenos días! Soy locutor de una radio de Uruguay. Viendo que tienes un sitio maravilloso, quería pedirte permiso para incluir un link hacia tu sitio en mi blog en el que puedes encontrar los contenidos y la emisión on line de mi programa "Dominio Público".

Saludos, y muchas gracias.
Alejandro Motta.

eileen said...

Alejandro- Sí, como no? Te deseo mucha suerte con tu programa.

eileen said...

Everyone else- That is probably the most random comment ever! A DJ from Uruguay wants to put a link to my blog on his website. I said yes.

Tina said...

Happy Turkey Day!!! We always start eating our turkey at around 2pm (nobody can wait longer than that) and so when we're done, I call all my friends to go out--but, alas, they are starting to eat as we finish doing our dishes. When do you eat your turkey?

brigita said...

Great way to remember which bread plate and water glass is yours: Make a circle with your thumb and forefinger of each hand (with the circle facing you, parallel to your lap) and then put the rest of your fingers straight up.

Your left hand should make a "b" and your right should make a "d," indicating which is your bread and which is your drink. This has saved me at many a wedding reception. :)

eileen said...

Ooh, Brigita, that trick is perfect!

Tina- I eat my turkey mid-afternoon, and I'm usually ready for my first leftover sandwich come midnight.