Friday, November 17, 2006


Here are some random thoughts for a Friday:

I think Daniel Craig is going to be a kick-ass Bond. He's British, he's hot, and he's cool. I don't know why so many people were complaining about the casting. Here's a review of Casino Royale

Boston is having some very strange weather these days, but I won't complain about the wind, the rain, and the humidity, as long as it delays the onset of a bitterly cold winter.

Finally, a good article about the real best player in the NFL. Hey, sports media, if you remove your heads from Peyton Manning's ass, you might notice that a lot of position players are way more exciting and fun to watch. Here's another player I adore. Did anyone else see him give teamate T.J. Houshmandzadeh a kiss on the cheek last Sunday? Priceless.

In college football..... the lesser of two evils? Michigan. I never thought I'd say this, but Go Wolverines!

Lastly, happy Dan Goldin Day!


Tom said...

d00d. I hear you on Daniel Craig. I've been sold on him as the next Bond since I saw Munich. I don't know why anybody doubted him.

Also, there's a rumor that the next James Bond might be a woman. Which would be wicked cool.


Anonymous said...

LT is PHENOMINAL!!! He is soooooo underrated!! F-Peyton Manning!


Megr said...

I shake my fist at Peyton. It's like the Fox guys with A-Rod. These so-called experts just can't see past these guys to see far better players. I am not too keen on the woman bond idea...what will the "suggestive" names of the men she meets? Also are they going to be called Bond Boys?