Monday, November 20, 2006

Weekend Report

Friday- Started the weekend off early by meeting up with Tom and Jenny (ugh, I'm such a blog-dropper!) for lunch at Clery's. Returned to work to attend an scientific ethics training course....good thing that drinking beers at lunch was not deemed "unethical" for abusing human subjects in clinical trials and fabricating data, well, let's just say that they are frowned upon by the scientific community. After word, we headed out to celebrate Caro's success- she passed the qualifying exam (big, scary obstacle that hits halfway through grad school....much worse than the thesis defense). We went back to Clery's, where I was recognized by the waitress "Weren't you here at lunch?" and ate some food before the loud, terrible music prevented conversation enough so that we high-tailed it out of there and went to Flash's for more more drinks. Love that place! I had the brilliant idea to suggest a game of "I never"....hey, what's a little confession of sexual history among co-workers? We then switched games and played Marry, Fuck, or Kill, in which three people are named and you have to select which one you would marry, which one you would bang, and which one you would kill. It got pretty funny, with choices like "Big Bird, Cookie Monster, and the Count" and "Kim Jong Il, Pablo Escobar, and Saddam Hussein."

Saturday- Worked all day......booo...then played soccer. My team won on a last-second goal, so we went out for pizza and beer to celebrate.

Sunday- THE MOST HORRIFYING, DISGUSTING THING EVER happened, thus overshadowing the entire weekend. Yes, it will get its own post.

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