Sunday, November 26, 2006

Have a banana, have a whole bunch

The 80s were not a very good era, stylewise, for many of us. Recent evidence has demonstrated that I was not the only one in my family to succumb to poor choices in hairstyle and other accessories.

Exhibit A: My Aunt Chris, circa 1986, and her stylistic muse, Weird Al Yankovic.


tomdog said...


Carolyn said...

i hope i don't inherit the weird al look!

Tina said...

does your aunt know that you have her picture up for all the world to see?? and next to W.Al no less?

Just as long as you don't have any incriminating pictures of me, rock on, Eileen.

eileen said...

She doesn't know, because I'm trying to keep this blog 100% Mom-proof. My cousin did hang up both photos in the kitchen for all to see, so she knows that the next generation has discovered the W.A.Y. connection.