Sunday, November 12, 2006

Weekend Report

Friday- Played soccer, and my team won in a dramatic shootout, in which I was the only player on either team to make the shot. I must confess that the only reason that we ended up in the shootout was that I flubbed up on defense with three minutes left in the game, allowing the other team to score the tying goal. At least I redeemed myself. After the game, I caught my friend Mulvey's band Muy Cansado play at the second diviest bar in Framingham. (In case you're wondering....The Diviest Bar In Framingham). My friend Jose came with me to the wilds of downtown Framingham, and we had a good time at the show, with the exception of the Grossest Jello Shot Ever Created. Here's some advice: Never order a jello shot at a bar. Especially if it comes in a prepackaged container with a tinfoil lid. It was gritty and disgusting. Blech.

Grossest Jello Shots Ever Created

After the show, we noticed a Corvette in the parking lot and placed a dirty, Borat-inspired note on the windsheild, because, apparently, we're fourteen and find that shit funny.

Saturday- Ran errands all day, played soccer, then went to Rob's surprise party at Ned Devine's. I had a good time- I showed up late, so all of my friends were already pretty hammered, which is always entertaining. I even met a cute guy- nice, funny, and tall, and owns a hot air balloon company, so I didn't even have to bust out my fake-interested face and pretend to know what a hedge fund is. Instead, we talked about the hot air balloon industry and bacteria. For the record, his company does offer the Mile High package. Ew! Too bad he lives in another state and I'll never see him again.

Sunday- Went to Thanksgiving at Lori and Rob's house, and proceeded to stuff my face for four hours. Have I mentioned that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday? Well, it is. Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, mmmmmmmmm... The only bad part was that I ate so much during dinner that I couldn't even handle the dessert. After that, I saw Bob Dylan at the Agganis Arena, but that will get a separate post.


Rob said...

Eileen - you CAN see that guy again! He's friends with my dad! Tee hee ...

eileen said...

Can you ask your dad to put in a good word for me?