Monday, November 06, 2006

More Halloween pictures

I finally recovered my lost camera- here are some additional Halloween photos for your viewing pleasure:

And finally, further proof that I am one CLASSY I am drinking wine, straight from the box:


Mrs. V said...

Hey, I love that wine in a box, delicious. Mary's mother, however, would not even look at the box of wine when I tried to show it to her, she was horrified. I was surprised it tasted so good but they keep the light and the air out of it, so I guess that helps keep it tasting good.

Anonymous said...

Those pix were fantastic, especially the box o'wine 1!! haha!!!!

mj said...

Good times. Thanks to you and Ern for throwing such a great party. Too bad the photo of the of the 2 pregnant nuns doesn't have their bellies in it.