Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Remember to vote today!

I voted this morning- obviously, I voted for Patrick for governor and Kennedy for Senator. Well, I voted for all the Democrats (I drink the kool-aid, people. Deal with it.) except for Maura Hennigan because she campaigned against the new BU infectious disease research lab and is therefore an enemy of science and progress.

And I voted no on #1, about selling wine in grocery stores, because there are only two major grocery stores in the area, Shaw's and Stop and Shop, so I'd rather that small local businesses (i.e. liquor stores) benefit from the wine revenue. Because what's good for the packy is good for me.

I hope Patrick steamrolls Healey, and I predict that he will. Her campaign ads were AWFUL. Like this one, which essentially boils down to "Deval Patrick will rape you."

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Mrs. V said...

You would love to work at CDC, everyone is a Democrat. I have to lower my eyes and sneak out of the room when they start talking politics. I don't want anyone to know I'm a Republican, especially when everyone in the break room is bashing Bush. Of course, I want to scream and stand up for myself but I'm not good at politics so I have to wince and bear it.