Monday, November 06, 2006

Weekend Report

Friday- Played soccer, then my friend Kara from Peace Corps arrived around 11:00PM. Her sister Amy and I picked her up at the airport, then we went out for beers at the bar across the street and ended up staying up to the wee hours with one of the bartenders. I don't know if I should be proud or embarassed of the fact that all of the bartenders and bouncers know me, but I consider it a good thing, as long as I keep getting the invite to the annual bar Christmas party. Free booze for all the employees and regulars- woo hoo!

Saturday- Slept in late, did some sightseeing around Boston, went to a baby shower, followed by dinner at L'Osteria in the North End (yum!) and beers at the Kinsale.

Sunday- Dragged Kara to a soccer game and to work with me, then we went to Cambridge and walked around Harvard Square. Later on, we met up with Amy and her boyfriend and had dinner at Naked Fish in Westboro. After that, we watched the unfortunate Patriots game. Way to jinx it, stupid Sports Guy. Seriously, though, the level of man love Madden and crew have for Peyton is downright disturbing. Don't they know who the real best player in the NFL is?

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awkwardandproud said...

Thanks for the good times, Eileen! Just talked to Amy and it sounds like your guy is winning the governor's race! (Maybe that takes away some of the pain from the Pats game?) I hope we have good results here as well. Thanks again!