Friday, May 19, 2006

Good intentions diverted once again

Yesterday, I planned to go the gym after work, but my friend Nikki emailed me late in the afternoon to ask if I wanted to meet her for a glass of sangria after work. I opted to take advantage of the rare sunny afternoon and ditch out on my workout plans. We went to BarLola, a tapas bar in the Back Bay that opened last year. I liked it: great location, fun ambiance, friendly staff, and a lot cheaper than the other downtown tapas restaurants. We sat in the outdoor patio area and drank pitchers of sangria and I tried the old tapa standby, the tortilla espanola. The only downside is that it's definitely a chick restaurant- it was packed with tables of women and gay men, and the occasional straight guy dragged there by his girlfriend, which isn't a downside at all if you're just going to get some food and drinks and have a good time with your friends. BarLola, I'll be back.

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