Monday, May 08, 2006

Weekend Report

Friday- Had some friends over for a Cinco De Mayo celebration. Mexican food and margaritas are two of my favorite entities, so I could not let the day pass uncelebrated. Mmmmmm.

Saturday- Went to a wedding reception for one of my sister's close friends and her husband. He's French and they were officially married last fall in France...twice: one functional (Visa paperwork), one ceremonial. They decided to have a third celebration stateside because so many of their friends and family were unable to make it to their first two weddings. It was a great time- a fun reception without all of the hullabaloo of an elaborate ceremony. No bridesmaids, no stuffy traditions, just a big old party with family, friends, food and drink in a beautiful location right on the waterfront in Boston. Jenny and her siblings got their parents a hotel room and took over the family's house in Framingham for the after-party. We had a blast, and the crowd was an eclectic mix of Framingham natives, Wake Forest alumni, Baptists, and French. I felt like I was seventeen again, staying up until the wee hours playing drinking games, and sleeping in my clothes on the living room floor, packed in a row with several other partygoers. And I ended up with two new pets, when, after a few glasses of wine, I decided to adopt the centerpieces. I give you Jenny and Nico (the humans), and Jenny and Nico (the fish):

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