Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Not much to say today...

I've had a relaxing couple of days, doing things like going to the gym and cleaning my apartment. BO-ring.

Well, here's some newsy stuff:

NBA playoffs are going on. My prediction? The Pistons will lose in the finals. Before playoffs started, I would have picked the Spurs to win the title, because of all the teams I saw come to Boston this year, the Spurs were the only team who played with complete and utter domination. I was especially impressed with Tony Parker- what a difference a talented point guard makes. The NBA is saturated with phenomenal 2,3,and 4s, but good 1s and 5s are hard to find, and make all the difference in playoffs. However, the Spurs are on the verge of elimination to the Mavs. Phoenix is looking hot right now, too.

Oh, Paul McCartney and his wife Heather Mills are splitting up. Paul McCartney annoys me. "Freedom" is the second worst song ever written. What's the worst song ever written? "Daughters", by John Mayer. Blech!

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LisaKate said...

YES Freedom is THE worst song ever!! I remember he performed that at the 9/11 concert and everyone was like, c'mon, Sir Paul, yer trying to hard. All he kept saying was "freedom!" "freedom!" - I GET IT! WE ARE FREE! WOO HOO! AND YOU ARE THE ONLY COOL BEATLE LEFT! ALRIGHT!