Friday, May 05, 2006

Scary photo of the day

So, I go to the website of a company that manufactures products for scientific research, and what awaits me? An enormous picture of a bug-eyed child with a dirty face eating a watermelon. WTF? All I want to do is buy a kit to test bacterial membrane permeability. I have no desire to look at stock imagery of a cute kid, who isn't really cute, but creepily frightening. Also, this photo has nothing to do with the products sold by the company, unless they have some weird Children of the Watermelon thing going on. Promega, why can't you just put a double helix on your website like all of the other vendors?

1 comment:

zappa said...

In our lab we cut out the freaky kid's eyes from a large promo poster and glued them to a guy's bench. He totally lost it... Promega have started to stick this psycho face into free samples and everything - bad marketing for sure. Roche on the other hand has very good looking (yet equally unrelated) art on their products like wildlife and other stuff.