Monday, May 29, 2006

Weekend Report: the BRUUUCE edition

Friday: Went out for drinks, then visited friends to see their new baby and new apartment, and ended up playing drinking games with at a grad school friend's house party (sans Kid and Play).

Saturday: BRUUUUUCE! Lisa, Meg, their dad, and I headed down to Great Woods or Whateverthehellit'scalledthesedays to catch Bruce Springsteen playing with the Seeger Sessions Band. We arrived a couple of hours early for some good old fashioned tailgating, and enjoyed tasty food and beverages as well as the entertaining company of fellow tailgaters. Bruce fans are a devoted bunch: conversation topics included "how many times have you seen Bruce live?" and stories of face-to-face encounters with the man himself. My favorite tale came from a tough-looking guy who was parked to our left: "It was 1984, I was at a gym in Worcester, and there he was in the locker room, combing his hair in the mirror....I introduced myself, and then I watched him walk away, like he was a chick or something." We even had a little sing-a-long session with a couple musicians, and Lisa and I horrified Meg and Mr. Radden by adding our own voices (and borrowed tambourines) to the choir.

I've seen Bruce twice before, once at Fenway with the E Street Band, and once as a solo act during the Devils and Dust tour. This time, he was playing with a 17 piece band that included a banjo, tuba, washboard, and, as always, the luckiest woman in show business, Patty Scialfa. The music consisted of high-energy folk tunes, with elementary school favorites like "Pay me My Money Down" and "Erie Canal". The Boss also gave a touching tribute to New Orleans, performing a powerful version of "How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live" as well as "When the Saints Go Marching In."

I had a great time and would recommend catching this tour if it comes to your city- even if you aren't a Bruce fan, I guarantee you'll be converted.
For more reviews, check out what Lisa and the Boston Globe had to say.

Sunday: Enjoyed a pancake breakfast courtesy of Chef Radden, did some errand running and some sunning, and ended up out of the town once again. I joined Lisa, Meg, and Liz for dinner at the Barking Crab, followed by a tour of Southie. Once we discovered that Latin Night at the Seaport did not actually exist, we stopped by Lucky's and caught some Sinatra music, hit the Irish scene at Shenanigan's, and ended up the Playwright, conveniently located right near my apartment.

Monday: I am repenting for my weekend gluttony and am actually at the lab, planning to work for a few hours. Happy Memorial Day, everyone!

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