Monday, May 15, 2006

Weekend Report

This weekend was a hilarious one- my friend Buddah was in town for a wedding, and a couple friends of ours who live in New York ended up driving up and going to the wedding with us as the official Wedding Crashers...turns out the bride and groom had paid for more spots than there were people coming, so they had told us we could invite people. They're the kind of friends with whom you always have a blast, and even the most mundane activity turns into a comedy show. For example, here's a typical conversation.

Me (showing JR and Buddah my bright red nails): Do you guys like my hooker nail polish?

Buddah: Yeah, those nails will look great in my butt hair.

Friday- Buddah and I went to a pre-wedding cookout at the bride's brother's house. I'm a fan of those sorts of wedding weekend activities, because then you get to meet a lot of people before the reception, which makes the reception more fun. Especially if you're going to the wedding as the date of your married friend so you don't really know anyone.

Saturday- Went to Scott and Judy's wedding. It was absolutely pouring, and I felt bad for the bride. I don't buy into that whole "rain on your wedding day is good luck" thing. I believe it's a bad omen, so that's exactly what I told Judy. (no, not really, but I do think that it's just something someone made up so brides wouldn't feel bad about the rain) Since the ceremony and reception were both indoors, it didn't really matter. The reception was a lot of fun (translation: open bar). Scott played football at Harvard, so there were a ton of big, huge dudes, plus all of his hometown friends who were very backwoods Wisconsin. I haven't hung out with big packs of midwesterners since college, so I was getting a kick out of their accents and sheer midwestern-ness. When the reception ended, everyone headed over to an Irish bar for drinks and dancing, and then when the bar closed, we all headed back to the Holiday Inn where somehow we ended up hosting the afterparty in our room, drinking cans of beer and jamming to the clock radio. We then discovered and subsequently invaded the recreation room, and partied there until the night manager threatened to call the cops on us. The Holiday Inn Dedham staff hated us like Osama bin Laden hates freedom. With reason, if I wasn't one of the 30 drunken buffoons loudly traipsing through the hotel at 4AM, I would have hated them, too. I finally went to bed around 4:30AM, at which time the groom's dad was still up partying with some of the guests.

Sunday- We decided to get some culture and went to the Museum of Fine Arts, (for free!) I really enjoyed (and I really need to stop saying really) the photography exhibit on Idaho by Laura McPhee and recommend it to anyone who lives in the area. After that, I had my parents over for a Mother's Day dinner, and Buddah and I went to the Publick House to visit our friend who works there.

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