Thursday, May 04, 2006

List #25...Best Gym Class Games

1. Bean bags- playing with bean bags was kind of dull, but that bean bag song is oddly infectious..put it on your head and walk around the room...
2. Cargo net- loved it! Easy to climb, as opposed to the rope. I sucked at climbing the rope, and dreaded it.
3. Kickball
4. Whiffle ball
5. Capture the flag
6. Newcomb - I always thought it was spelled nucumb, or nuke 'em.
7. Floor hockey- The sticks we used had giant styrofoam heads on them. I was inexplicably good at gym floor hockey.
8. Dodgeball
9. The parachute. I FUCKING LOVED THE PARACHUTE. Everyone did. Kids went bananas for the parachute. They only brought it out like once a year, but it was the Best Day Ever.


Kim said...

I had no idea that's how you spelled "newcomb". I was always inexplicably good at gym floor hockey too! We should start a team.

Worst gym class games for the weak:
1. chin ups
2. climbing the rope
3. sit ups

ern said...

ah the parachute!!!! i too fucking loved that thing! they must have had just one for the entire state b/c we only got it one day too. good times.

other good ones:
line soccer
red rover (it was one instance when being a portly 7 yr old was a bonus!)
freeze tag

eileen said...

I played in a floor hockey league at ND, but it was all intense and competitive, and I was unable to recapture my gym class floor hockey glory.

Chin ups were the worst! That was my least favorite part of the fitness challenge test we had to take every year. My noodle arms couldn't hack it.

Liz said...

One more: anytime they'd bring out the scooters. I don't even really remember what we used them for. racing maybe?

I always hated the once a year they made us run a mile. My swim coach used to write me notes to get me out of it. I entered college having never run a mile!

kris said...

For the record, this Midwestern girl has never heard of "Newcomb" before in her life! How weird. So it was like volleyball, but you were allowed to catch it?

jocelyn spagno said...

best: crab soccer
worst: ultimate frisbee

Thank you very much.

eileen said...

Scooters? I'm jealous- we never had scooters.
Yes, newcomb is like playing volleyball but you catch the ball. It's sort of a dumb game.
Crab soccer ruled- especially when we played with the giant cloth ball.

jay said...

what kind of weirdo school did you go to? you played with a parachute? bombardment, kickball, doctors and soldiers, 4 way soccer and capture the flag are the best gym class games ever! in my humbl opinion of course

brigita said...

Am I the only person who enjoyed the President's Fitness stuff where they tested you on how many sit-ups you oculd do in a minute, etc? Do they still do that for kids?

And did you guys have Field Day towards the end of the school year where everyone competed in events like the 50 yard dash, etc? All day best.

Jay: Doctors and Soldiers? What's that all about? Don't remember ever playing that.

eileen said...

I hated the President's Fitness test because of the chin ups. We were timed for how long we could hold ourselves in chin up position, and my arms always gave out immediately. The worst oart was is that the whole class lines up and went one at a time, so everyone got to see what a weakling I was. But we did have Field Day, which I loved!

Jay-playing a game called Doctors and Soldiers is way weirder than playing with a parachute.

jay said...

D&S was the best! two teams with a centerline which could not be crossed. when you got hit by a ball (without catching it) you fell down right there, where you got hit. your team "doctor" would then come out, and drag you back to the "hospital". once you got to the "hospital" you were up and free to keep playing. the trick was though, only the dr could do the dragging across the floor, so the dr would stay in the hospital until needed (dr could not be hit while in the hospital), then exit with his/her protectors. if the dr got hit, there was no more getting dragged to the hospital, so it was only a matter of time really before your team lost. really, truely an awesome game haha (best played in a gym, and not outside, the dragging can hurt some on pavement)

eileen said...

So, basically, the game ends when the doctor gets hit? Sounds fun, but not as fun as THE PARACHUTE.

jay said...

it doesnt end, cuz even if you have no doctor you can still win. its just tougher, cuz once you get hit now you're out, and the other team can keep "saving" people.

my wife tried explaining the fun of the parachute to me, but it didnt sound very fun.. i just dont get it

brigita said...

I was a big hater of the "flexed arm hang" (as I remember it being called) as well. I think that's why I overcompensated with the sit-ups. :)

Another gym game I hated was Steal the Bacon. I think I won that a single time out of my whole elementary school experience. Fortunately I rocked it at kickball, so I wasn't always picked last.