Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The wonder of it all

I went to see the Boston Pops last night. The Pops are an orchestra for the masses, and are most famous for performing the works of former conductor John Williams, including the music from Star Wars, ET, and Indiana Jones. Last night's show was a jazz fest, featuring jazz guitarist and vocalist John Pizzarelli. Pizzarelli's set was part musical talent, part comedy show, and he even managed to out-ham the biggest ham in Boston, Keith Lockhart himself. The voice and the man seemed oddly familiar to me, but I couldn't figure out how I recognized him, until he announced that he was going to play the song that made him famous. Take a chance, make it happen... Pop the cork, fingers snappin? Oh yes, it's the Foxwoods theme song! He even changed one line to "Yes, I am that guy." I had a fun time at the Pops, but hearing the Foxwoods jingle performed live was definitely the highlight.


Kim said...

Did listening to the jingle in person make you want to jump in the car and go to FOX...WOODS?

eileen said...

It sure did.