Monday, May 15, 2006

Rain, rain go away

Caption: Boston Police re-routed traffic on Albany Street after a vehicle got stuck in a giant sinkhole near Herald Street Sunday evening. has a photo gallery of the recent flooding, and I drove into that EXACT SAME sinkhole earlier that day. I was driving my parents' minivan and I saw what appeared to be a large rock sitting in a puddle. There wasn't enough room to maneuver around it, so I tried to straddle it. Little did I know that what looked like an innocent little puddle was actually a sinkhole that must have been a couple of feet deep, because all of the sudden, the car felt like it dropped out from under me. I accelerated and managed to get out of the hole, but with a horrible dragging sound. I stopped the car (backing up traffic) and Buddah got out to examine what the noise was, and it was a dead body! No, it was actually 40 pound boulder that the car had somehow picked up from the sinkhole. He extracted the boulder and then tossed it over the jersey barriers you can see in the picture, and we laughed like crazy about how ridiculous he must have looked doing so. Miraculously, the incident didn't seem to damage the car at all. Looks like the next driver who hit it wasn't so lucky.


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